Setup a HEC Module

In this tech brief we will briefly go over Helix Extension Cards. Audiotec Fischer has four options for HEC modules, but first what is a HEC Module? They are extensions cards that allow you to add different optional inputs such as: Bluetooth, AUX, Optical, and the Newly released highly anticipated USB HD Lossless audio module.

The HEC module are very easy to install and comes with detailed instructions on how to set it up inside the box. The HEC module also comes with a new end plate so there is no cutting a new opening for the module. To install the module it is as easy as removing the end plate and sliding the bottom plate off the DSP.


  1. Unplug everything from the dsp and remove the end plate on the output side of the DSP as well as the bottom plate to access the 22-pin plug for the module.
  2. Insert the extension card, reattach the bottom plate and using the new end plate reinstall it on the side on the dsp.
  3. Once finished, plug your inputs, outputs, and power back into the dsp and power up your system.
  4. Now for setting up your newly installed module.
  5. The first thing to do is go to the IO page and under the AUX/HEC page double check to make sure your Left and Right channels are properly aligned with your outputs.
  6. After checking through the IO page go to the DCM menu.
  7. The DCM allows you to setup the HEC module for automatic signal detection or manual signal detection via a remote such as the director.
  8. If the HEC module is the input source that you want to be your priority source then you can select priority. For example: When you listen to your main source and in this case you are using the New HD module all you do is plug in your phone to the USB cable that is run to your HD input on the dsp and as soon as music starts playing from your device (meaning your phone, tablet, etc… is sending a signal) then your dsp will automatically start using your device and stop playing music from your main input, because you are using “Automatic via signal detection” and “priority”.

**Al HEC modules can be found on the Audiotec Fischer website for more information

As always if you have any questions please call (770)-888-8200 or email.